Bulk Data Entry Specifies the reference sound pressure value used to calculate the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) in decibels (dB).

Parameter Values Description
SPLREFDB Real > 0.0

Default = 1.0

The Sound Pressure Level (SPL) in decibels can be calculated using:
SP L dB = 20.0 * log 10 ( | SPL | SPLREFDB )
Sound Pressure Level in decibels.
| SPL |
Magnitude of the acoustic sound pressure specified in Radiated Sound Output Analysis of the User Guide.
Reference sound pressure value specified using this parameter.


  1. The reference pressure is dependent on the units specified on the UNITS I/O Options Entry. If the units are SI, the value is set as 2.0E-5 Pa. If they are CGS, it is set as 2.0E-4 barye. If they are MPa, it is set as 2.0E-11 MPa. If they are BG or EE, then it is set as 4.17E-7 lbf/ft2. If no UNITS data is present, the default value is 1.0 (exception: see Comment 3 on the PEAKOUT Bulk Data Entry).