Bulk Data Entry Specifies a value to replace large stiffness values (>1.0E+07) input in field K of the PBUSH Bulk Data Entry.

This parameter can accept two arguments. If only one argument is specified, the same value is used for the second argument.



Parameter Values Description
BUSHSTIFT <Real Number ≥ 0.0>

No default

This parameter controls the value of field K in the PBUSH property entries.
This value applies to translational stiffness fields on the property entry (first three values).
This value applies to rotational stiffness values on the property entry.
BUSHSTIFR <Real Number ≥ 0.0>

Default = <BUSHSTIFT>


  1. Any value on the field K on the PBUSH entry which exceeds BUSHSTIFT or BUSHSTIFR, respectively will be replaced by BUSHSTIFT or BUSHSTIFR.
  2. Either BUSHSTIFT or BUSHSTIFR (or both) can be set to 0.0. This will disable stiffness control for the corresponding translational or rotational stiffnesses.
  3. Defaults:
    • If BUSHSTIFT is input without specifying a value, then OptiStruct will error out (no default). The default for BUSHSTIFR is BUSHSTIFT.
    • If PARAM, BUSHSTIF is not included in the deck, the stiffness value (field K) is not replaced regardless of its value (no stiffness control).
  4. This parameter applies, in a similar fashion, to the PBUSH1D Rod-type Spring-and-Damper property as well (using BUSHSTIFT).
  5. This parameter cannot be used to modify the values specified on PBUSHFX Bulk Data Entries.