Bulk Data Entry Identifies the number of groups into which the specified MPI processes (-np) are divided.

Parameter Values Description
DDMNGRPS <Integer ≥ 1, MAX, MIN, AUTO, or -1>
Integer ≥ 1
This parameter is supported for DDM Level 1 parallelization via:
  • Task-based DDM runs.
  • Global Search Option (DGLOBAL).
AUTO (Default) or -1
This option is only supported for the Task-based DDM parallelization solution (first option mentioned above). It will heuristically determine the number of groups that are required for the specified model.
Automatically enforces the maximum number of groups (which is equivalent to a pure Level 1 DDM task-based parallelization run).
Automatically enforces the minimum number of groups (which is equivalent to a purely geometric partition based parallelization (Level 2 DDM) run).


  1. The -ddmngrps run option is also available for this feature. If both are defined simultaneously, then PARAM,DDMNGRPS is overwritten by the options defined on -ddmngrps run option.