Bulk Data Entry Activates/deactivates the memory-trim feature when using AMLS eigensolver.

Parameter Values Description
MEMTRIM <YES, NO> This parameter is used to activate/deactivate the memory trim feature for AMLS runs.

AMLS is an external program that requires its own memory and disk space to perform eigenvalue analysis. Without memory trim, the total memory requirement (T) to perform eigenvalue analysis using AMLS was the sum of the memory required by OptiStruct (O), the memory exclusively allocated for AMLS (A), and other miscellaneous memory requirements; for example, MIO library requirement, (M). Thus:

T = O + A + M.

With memory trim enabled, the total memory requirement is reduced to:

T = max(O,A) + M.
YES (Default)
Memory trim is active.
Memory trim is inactive.