Bulk Data Entry Activates element quality checking.

Parameter Values Description
YES (Default)
The geometric quality of each element is checked. Any violation of the error limits is counted as a fatal error and the run will stop. Any violation of warning limits is non-fatal. Error or warning messages are printed for elements violating the limits along with the offending property values. The amount of output is limited to the first three occurrences for each individual case, plus a summary table of all errors.
Element quality checks are not performed, but mathematical validity checks are performed.
The same checks are performed as for YES, but the error or warning messages are printed for all of the elements violating the error or warning limits.

See Element Quality Check for an overview of the element quality checking performed by the solver.

The ELEMQUAL Bulk Data Entry may be used to control the values for warning and error limits for each quality check, but validity limits cannot be altered manually.