Bulk Data Entry Used to select the frequency response analysis formulation type for rotor dynamics analysis.

Parameter Values Description
GYROAVG <0, -1>
0 (Default)
The frequency-dependent rotor dynamics terms are calculated for each frequency. A frequency-dependent looping option is activated, however, the run time is higher compared to PARAM, GYROAVG, -1 as the calculation process has to be repeated for each frequency in the specified range.
The frequency-dependent looping does not occur and an average frequency method is used to calculate the rotor dynamic terms. The run time is lower compared to PARAM, GYROAVG, 0 as this option avoids intensive calculations for each frequency. PARAM, WR3 and PARAM, WR4 must be specified for this formulation to include rotor damping. Alternatively, WR3 and WR4 may be specified for each rotor in its corresponding RSPINR card.

Refer to Rotor Dynamics in the User Guide for more details.