Bulk Data Entry Controls the contribution of material damping, in addition to the stiffness contribution in the element force calculation for frequency response analysis.

Parameter Values Description
GE4FRSTF <0, 1>
0 (Default)
The material damping contribution is not included in the calculation of stresses and element forces. Only the stiffness contribution is considered in this case.
The material damping contribution is included when the stresses and element forces are calculated.
In this case, both the material damping, and stiffness contributions are included.


  1. By default, the material damping contribution is always included for CBUSH elements.
  2. The value of damping will be considered from the Material/Property/NSGE or PARAM, G entries in the model.
  3. The element forces of viscous damping elements CDAMP1, CDAMP2, CVISC elements and viscous contribution in CBUSH elements are calculated and provided as output (upon request), independent of this parameter.