Bulk Data Entry Automatically convert dependent degrees-of-freedom of rigid elements to independent degrees-of-freedom.

Parameter Values Description
  1. The default is typically YES when the parameter is not present in the deck. (See Comment 4)
  2. Cannot be specified in the input deck without a value. OptiStruct will error out in this case.
YES (Default)
The dependent degrees-of-freedom of rigid elements may be converted to independent degrees-of-freedom when conversion is necessary for the model to run.
The above conversion will not be performed. The model may not run when multiple constraint equations reference the same dependent degree-of-freedom more than once.


  1. This parameter can be used if the dependent degree-of-freedom (DOF) of a rigid element is SPC'ed, or if it is a dependent DOF of another constraint equation (MPC equation or another rigid element).
  2. AUTOMSET cannot be used if Direct Matrix Input (DMIG) generation is performed using the Static Condensation method (Component Mode Synthesis (CMSMETH entry) is not used).
  3. Enough independent degrees-of-freedom that can be converted into dependent degrees-of-freedom, while eliminating double dependency, should exist in the model
  4. PARAM, AUTOMSET is set automatically to YES even in the presence of JOINTG elements. However, the constraints from JOINTG elements will not be modified.