I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry The SPL command can be used in the I/O Options or Subcase Information sections to request Sound Pressure output for all subcases or individual subcases, respectively. SPL can only be requested for frequency response subcases.


SPL = option


Argument Options Description
format <H3D, PUNCH, blank>
Results are output in Hyper3D format (.h3d file).
Results are output in Nastran punch results format (.pch file).
option <ALL>

Default = ALL

ALL, blank
Sound Pressure is output for all grids defined as microphone locations on the RADSND Bulk Data Entry.


  1. When the SPL command is present, Sound Pressure is output for all microphone grids for all frequency response subcases.
  2. The Punch file format for SPL results is:
    Format GID G Real/Mag Sound Pressure Imag/Phase Sound Pressure Sound Pressure Level
    Example 9252 G 1.943054E+06 3.226665E+02 1.257697E+02