I/O Options EntryDefines the reading requests for nonlinear restart.


RESTARTR = <option> file_prefix


RESTARTR = originaljob_sub5_inc0012
RESTARTR = TERMI, originaljob_sub5_inc0012
RESTARTR = TERMI, D:\tmp\originaljob_sub5_inc0012

Interpretation: the restart model information file to be read is either originaljob.rmd or originaljob.rmdx and the restart analysis information file to be read is originaljob_sub5_inc0012.rnl. With the prescribing of TERMI, subcase 5 will be truncated after the increment 12.


Argument Options Description
option TERMI, blank
Truncate the nonlinear subcase at the restarting point.
blank (Default)
No truncation
file_prefix Prefix of .rnl file

No default

Identifies the restart (.rnl) and restart model (.rmd or .rmdx) files to be read.

The .rnl, .rmd, and .rmdx files are named in format <filename>_sub<i>_inc<j>.rnl, <filename>.rmd, and <filename>.rmdx respectively, where <filename> is the filename of the input deck (prior to .fem), <i> (0<i<100000000) is the corresponding subcase ID and <j> (0<j<10000) is the corresponding increment number in the subcase.

The .rmdx file is output only when the RMDX option is activated on RESTARTW entry.


  1. If a RESTARTR entry is specified in the model, OptiStruct reads a restart model information file (*.rmd or *.rmdx) and a restart analysis information file (*.rnl) to restart a nonlinear analysis run that was interrupted earlier.
  2. The RESTARTR entry can only be specified outside and above any subcase.
  3. For information on restart of nonlinear analysis, refer to Restart of Nonlinear Analysis in the User Guide.
  4. RESTARTW and RESTARTR entries can be specified together, except for the very first run (that is, the original job that is subsequently restarted), where only RESTARTW is allowed.
  5. For the RESTARTR run, when RMDX option is used in RESTARTW to generate the .rmdx restart model file, only additional entries (apart from BEGIN BULK and ENDDATA) can be defined in the model. If entries which already exist in the RESTARTW model are redefined in the RESTARTR run, the run may error out due to duplicated entry error.