I/O Options EntryDefines instances of local parts to be included in the global model.


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(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
INSTANCE part1 newpart              


Field Contents SI Unit Example
INSTANCE Activates the creation of an instance of a local part.  
CURRNAME Current name of the INSTANCE should match the name of an existing local part in the Bulk Data section.

No default (Character String)

RENAME An instance or copy of an existing part CURRNAME. The copy will be named with the name specified in RENAME. When the part RENAME exists in the Bulk Data section, then the copy of CURRNAME is appended to it.

Default = Blank (Character String)



  1. If RENAME is not specified for any INSTANCE, then the name defined in CURRNAME (which is the same as the original local part name) is retained. In such cases, this local part cannot have any further instances of itself.
  2. If RENAME is specified, then as many instances of the part as required, can be created using multiple INSTANCE entries.
  3. For every instance of a part generated using INSTANCE entry, a corresponding INSTANCE Bulk Data Entry should be present in the Bulk Data section.
  4. Any block of entries in the input deck within the section defined between BEGIN,FEMODEL,name and END,FEMODEL,name will be silently skipped, when “name” is not listed on INSTANCE or ASSEMBLY I/O Option Entries.