I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry The RBODY command can be used in the I/O Options section to select a rigid body or a combination of rigid bodies.


RBODY = option


Argument Options Description
option < BID >

No default

Body identification number of one or more RBADD Bulk Data Entries or, if no RBADD Bulk Data Entry exists with this BID, the set identification of a RBODY Bulk Data Entry.


  1. The RBODY I/O Options Entry is optional. If it is not specified, then all RBODY or RBADD Bulk Data Entries will be included in the model as rigid bodies. If RBODY I/O Options Entry is not specified, or if an RBODY or RBADD Bulk Data Entry is referenced by another RBADD Bulk Data Entry, they are included only once as part of the parent RBADD entry.
    The following example illustrates the situation with no RBODY I/O Options Entry:

    In this case, only the parent RBADD,20 is included in the run. RBADD,21 and RBODY,22 are only included once as a part of the parent RBADD,20.

  2. If the BID referenced by the RBODY I/O Options Entry matches with the BID defined in an RBADD Bulk Data Entry, the information on this entry alone is selected. However, if a RBADD Bulk Data Entry does not have the referenced BID defined, then any RBODY Bulk Data Entry that has this BID defined will be selected.
  3. If multiple instances are present, then only the last instance of the RBODY I/O Options Entry will be used. RBODY I/O Options Entry should not be specified within any subcase. It should always be present above the first subcase, and it is applied to all subcases.
  4. Multiple RBODY Bulk Data Entries with the same BID can be referenced on the RBODY I/O Options Entry. This allows the selection of multiple RBODYs, which can move independently of one another.