I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry The GPKE command can be used in the I/O Options or Subcase Information sections to request grid point kinetic energy output for normal modes subcases.


GPKE (format_list) = option


Argument Options Description
format <PUNCH, blank>
Results are output in Nastran punch results format (.pch file).
blank (Default)
option <YES, ALL, NO, NONE, SID>

Default = ALL

YES, ALL, blank
GPKE results are output for all elements.
GPKE results are not output.
If a set ID is given, GPKE results are output only for grids listed in that set.


  1. Grid point kinetic energy is written in % of the total kinetic energy of all grids in the structure. Therefore, GPKE results for each GRID are the same regardless of the requested option (ALL, YES, or SID).
  2. If the coupled mass matrix is used (PARAM,COUPMASS,YES), the results at each GRID are influenced by all GRID connected to that GRID. Using a diagonal mass matrix formulation (PARAM,COUPMASS,NO) provides more meaningful results.
  3. For large problems solved using EIGRA, run times increase if GPKE=ALL or a coupled mass matrix (PARAM,COUPMASS,YES) is specified, as the entire eigenvector for each mode must be calculated and stored.