I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry The RESTART command can be used in the I/O Options section to indicate that the current optimization is to be restarted from the final iteration of a previous optimization.


RESTART = option


Argument Options Description
option <File prefix>

Default = prefix of .fem file

File prefix
The prefix of the .sh file to be used as the starting iteration for the restart.


  1. To restart an optimization, information about the final iteration of a previous optimization run is needed. This information is contained in the .sh file.
  2. The restart functionality allows unconverged optimization runs or optimization runs that were terminated before completion (due to a power outage, machine crash, etc.), to be restarted. You may also begin a new topology optimization from a previous optimization run with modified mesh or configuration by using the topology advanced restart feature. Refer to Requirements for Restarting in the User Guide.
  3. This I/O Option is not valid for analysis mode.
  4. Output files from a restart run are appended with the extension _rst#, where # is a 3 digit number indicating the starting iteration for the restart run. For example, filename_rst030.out is the .out file created when restarting filename.fem from iteration 30.
  5. The total length of information on this card is limited to 200 characters (including the card name and spaces between arguments). This data can be on a single line or span multiple continuation lines. Refer to I/O Options and Subcase Information Entries Guidelines for an example showing how to enter long file names on multiple lines.