I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry Used to request temperature gradient and flux output for all steady-state heat transfer analysis subcases, transient heat transfer analysis subcases or individual heat transfer analysis subcases, respectively.


FLUX (format_list, SUBSYS=SUBSYS_ID) = option


Argument Options Description
format <PUNCH, OP2, H3D, PLOT, blank>
Results are output in Nastran punch results format (.pch file).
Results are output in Nastran output2 format (.op2 file).
Results are output in Hyper3D format (.h3d file).
Results are output in Nastran output2 format (.op2 file) when PARAM,POST is defined in the Bulk Data section.
blank (Default)
Results are output in all active formats for which the result is available.

No default

ID of the subsystem.

When used along a subsystem definition, this option generates an individual result file for each subsystem with results for that subsystem only.

For more information, refer to the SET Bulk Data Entry.
option <YES, ALL, NO, NONE, SID>

Default = ALL

YES, ALL, blank
Flux results are output for all valid elements.
Flux results are not output.
If a set ID is given, flux results are output only for elements referenced by that set.


  1. When the FLUX command is not present, flux results are not output.
  2. Flux output is only available for Steady-State Heat Transfer Analysis and Transient Heat Transfer Analysis solution sequences.
  3. Multiple formats are allowed on the same entry; these should be comma separated. If a format is not specified, this output control applies to all formats defined by the OUTPUT command, for which the result is available.
  4. Multiple instances of this card are allowed. If instances are conflicting, the last instance dominates.
  5. format=OUTPUT2 can also be used to request results to be output in the Nastran output2 format (.op2 file).