I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry The TCURVE command can be used in the I/O Options section to define the plot title for XYPLOT output from a Random Response Analysis.


TCURVE = title


Argument Description
title Character string.

Default = A default title is provided.


  1. TCURVE may not be continued onto the next line.
  2. A TCURVE definition applies to all plots defined after until another definition of TCURVE occurs. TCURVE.
    The following example would assign X-A, Y-A and the default plot title to the first plot, then X-A,Y-B and C-A to the second plot.
    XTITLE = X-A
    YTITLE = Y-A
    XYPLOT (first plot definition)
    YTITLE = Y-B
    TCURVE = C-A
    XYPLOT (second plot definition)