I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry The DRESPONSE command can be used in the I/O Options section to request Design Response Output for optimization runs. The DRESP1, DRESP2, and DRESP3 responses in the model are output as contours in the H3D file.


DRESPONSE (type) = option


Argument Options Description
type <EQUA>
Output of DRESP1 responses are suppressed. Only DRESP2 and DRESP3 responses are output.
blank (Default)
DRESP1, DRESP2, and DRESP3 responses are output for optimization runs.
option <YES, NO>
YES (Default)
Responses are output.
Responses are not output.


  1. The DRESPONSE entry can be used to control the output of Design Responses (DRESP1, DRESP2, and DRESP3) to the H3D file.
  2. All grid-based and element-based responses (DRESP1) are supported, and additionally all such combinations (DRESP2 and DRESP3). The remaining responses are not supported since contouring them in HyperView is not possible.
  3. Responses are output inside the corresponding subcase (for example, DISP responses are output in their corresponding static subcase. For frequency response optimization, responses are output inside the appropriate loading frequency). Global responses are output in a separate global subcase (_glob.h3d file for the default BYSUB output).
  4. DRESPONSE(EQUA) can be used to disable the output of DRESP1 responses. Only DRESP2 and DRESP3 responses are output.
  5. User-defined responses that spawn multiple responses internally are not supported, since the response ID and label are not unique.