Bulk Data Entry Specifies if the remeshing process will be activated when the optimization runs into element quality error.


Parameter Values Description
REMESH Integer = 0 or 1
0 (Default)
No. The remeshing process will not be activated regardless of whether element quality error occurs.
Yes. When optimization runs into element quality error, the remeshing process will be activated to improve element quality. After remeshing is completed, the optimization process will then continue based on the remeshed model.


  1. When an optimization run results in element quality error (usually during Shape, Free-shape or Topography optimization), OptiStruct calls HyperMesh in batch mode. The model from the latest optimization iteration is automatically loaded into HyperMesh and remeshing is performed to improve element quality.

    HyperMesh, then automatically exports a new input deck named *_rmsh###.fem (### = 001, 002, 003, represents the remeshing round number) that is loaded into OptiStruct to continue the optimization run with the remeshed model.

  2. When an element quality error occurs, OptiStruct 12.0.210 will automatically check the HyperMesh version.

    If HyperMesh version 12.0.110 or later is installed, the new function *remesh_optistruct will be called to accomplish the remeshing process. For all other versions (HyperMesh 12.0 or earlier) an old function, previously used in 12.0, is called.

  3. Installing the latest version of HyperMesh (12.0.110 or later) is recommended to access all the latest improvements in the *remesh_optistruct function.