Bulk Data Entry Controls the tolerance for screening out time steps in the design of multibody dynamic systems.


Parameter Values Description
ESLSTOL 0.0 ≤ Real ≤ 1.0

Default = 0.3

Valid only when DOPTPRM, ESLSOPT is 1.

The smaller value it has, the lower number of time steps the design process handles, which makes the design process even faster. Too small of a value may cause the design process to diverge though. Therefore, if the number of time steps retained by ESLSTOL is less than 10, the 10 most dominant time steps will be involved in the optimization process. If the value is 1.0, this is equivalent to DOPTPRM, ESLSOPT, 0. That is, all of the steps in the multibody dynamic analysis are involved in the design process, which causes more CPU time to be used.