Bulk Data Entry Controls the checkerboard-like element wise density distribution.


Parameter Values Description
CHECKER <0 or 1> Checkerboard control option.
0 (Default)
For no checkerboard control.
For global checkerboard control.

This option controls checkerboard-like element wise density distribution.

The undesired side effect is that a layer of semi-dense elements will remain at the transition from solid (fully dense domain) to void. To reduce this side effect, activate the minimum member size control (MEMBSIZ on DTPL) which has built-in checkerboard control.

MINDIM can be smaller than the mesh size. When a value smaller than the mesh size is applied, the effect is similar to checkerboard control, but with the 3-phase convergence phases process and possibly a more discrete result. Minimum member size control has a 3-phase iterative process in which the final phase targets the removal of the semi-dense element layer. If manufacturing constraints are applied, minimum member size control is always activated. However, the final iterative phase will not target the removal of semi-dense elements, as this may have an adverse effect on manufacturing constraint preservation.