Bulk Data Entry Maximum angle allowed between the normal vectors of Shell A and Shell B. Shell A and Shell B are located on the two different shell surfaces that need to be connected by the connector element.


Parameter Values Description
GSPROJ 0.0 ≤ Real ≤ 90.0 or -1.0

Default = 20.0

The connector element will not be generated if the angle between these two normal vectors is greater than the value of GSPROJ. This prevents the generation of connector elements between shell components that depart from being parallel to each other.

If α > GSPROJ, this connector element is rejected.

Meanwhile, for CSEAM, when locating possible candidate shell elements to support the auxiliary points, the program will also check the angle between the normal vector of the candidate and the thickness direction of the CSEAM element. If the angle is larger than the value defined by GSPROJ, this candidate will be ignored. If the ignored candidate is one of EIDSA, EIDSB, EIDEA or EIDEB, a warning will be issued.

If GSPROJ is set to -1.0, the program will skip the checking of GSPROJ.