Bulk Data Entry Controls the checking of gap element alignment in case of prescribed coordinate system CID.


Parameter Values Description
CKGPDIR <WARN, 1, ERR, 2, NO, 0, REV, or 3>

Default = ERR

WARN or 1
Same as ERR or 2 with the exception that only warnings are issued.
ERR or 2
All non-zero length gap elements that have a prescribed coordinate system are checked for misalignment of the gap prescribed axis (x-axis of the prescribed coordinate system) with the vector GA->B. Angles larger than 30 degrees produce warnings, angles larger than 60 degrees produce errors.
NO or 0
No gap CID direction checks are performed.
REV or 3
The orientations of the vector GA->B that are generally opposite to the prescribed axis are also accepted. The tolerance levels are the same as for the default case, except that they are measured from either 0 or 180 degrees reference angle.