Target Category: MSP430

Sub-Target Category: ADC

Description: The SD16A block lets you perform 16-bit analog to digital conversions. It uses sigma delta oversampling technique to provide high-precision reading. Note that the effective sampling rate is

SD16 blk equation

Use the SD16 Config block to choose the hardware settings.

Chan: Specifies the analog input channel.

Gain: Specifies the gain to be applied to the channel.

Group With Next Chan: Groups the channel with the next higher channel.

Input Buffering: Enables up to 1ma to drive the 1.2 V internal Vref. This parameter is for external use.

Interrupt Delay: Specifies the number of interrupts to ignore before sampling the data.

Over Sampling Rate: Specifies the oversampling rate. Generally speaking, higher rates are more accurate but take more time.