ePWM Action

Target Category: Delfino, F280x, Piccolo

Description: The ePWM Action block lets you configure the action qualifier for the F280X. This lets you control the PWM waveform.

Interactive mode: The entire block is inactive in this mode.

Additional information: Texas Instruments SPRU791A document.

EPWM Action Qualifier: Each option represents an action the PWM unit may take based on the counter register state. There are two compare registers: CA and CB. Actions are generated based on the following events:

CA Down: counter = CA during down count
CA Up: counter = CA during up count
CB Down: counter = CB during down count
CB Up: counter = CB during up count
P: counter = period
Z: counter = 0

You can choose the following actions for any of the events:

0: Force output to 0
1: Force output to 1
T: Toggle output
X: Do nothing