During PIL for C2000, ARM Cortex M3, STM32, and Arduino targets, the controller algorithm is converted to code and executed on a target device while the plant diagram remains in the source diagram on the host. Real-time communication between the target and host is performed via a HotLink (JTAG, serial, or Ethernet) interface. The Embed GUI is retained while you change controller gains and plot responses from the target.

In most situations, the controller is designed within a compound block with input and output signals flowing through its connectors. For C2000, ARM Cortex M3, STM32, and Arduino devices, a small footprint, low jitter, real-time operating system (RTOS) is automatically generated and included in the executable code. After the executable code with RTOS has been created, it is automatically loaded onto the target. Once loaded, the code can run in either stand-alone mode or under host control.