SPI Write for Linux Raspberry Pi

Target Category: Linux Raspberry Pi

Target Sub-Category: SPI

Description: The SPI Write for Linux Raspberry Pi block is a serial peripheral interface block for transmitting data to a Raspberry Pi board. The SPI queue is interrupt driven. You may write as many bytes as are free in the transmit queue and the interrupt handler will send the bytes out automatically. You can query the current transmit queue length using the SPI Read for ARM-Linux block.

Use SPI for ARM-Linux Config to configure the hardware settings.

Additional information: Using SPI slave to communicate between two Launchpads.

Input Type: Specifies the input data type.

Slave Select After send: Specifies the SS pin state upon completion of the byte transfer. The SS pin is set to LOW at the beginnning of the transmission. It is set to the selected value after the transmission ends. In this way, you can send multi-byte words by keeping the SS pin LOW until the final byte.

Unit: Specifies the unit number.