GPIO Output for STM32

Target Category: STM32

Target Sub-Category: GPIO

Description: The GPIO Output block outputs digital data.

Bit Width: Specifies the number of contiguous bits to read in.

Channel: Indicates the channel number.

GPIO Mode: Configures the output as push-pull or open-drain.

Push-pull mode: When a logical 1 is presented, the upper switch turns ON and the lower switch turns OFF. When a logical 0 is presented, the upper switch turns OFF and the lower switch turns ON and ties the output pin to ground.
Open-drain mode:
0 ties the output to ground; 1 leaves the output floating (Hi-Z state). In this case, the voltage is defined by the pull up or pull down resistor setting.

Always try to apply the lowest amount of voltage to minimize power usage. 

Offset: Specifies the offset into the digital port register.

Port: Specifies the digital register.

Pull up/down: Performs the selected action:

Pull Up: Turns the upper resistor ON and ties the pin to VDD.
Pull Down
: Turns the lower resistor ON and ties the pin to ground.
Neither resistor is activated.

Speed: Indicates the speed of GPIO output power switches. For more information, consult the STMicroelectronics device specification sheet.

Title: Indicates the channel title.