Ramp Generator

Embedded Category: C2407, F280x

Block Category: TI 16-bit DMC, TI 32-bit DMC

freq = frequency of ramp

offset = DC offset

gain = gain of generated ramp signal

Operating Mode Availability

      Simulation mode: YES

      C code generation mode: YES

The Ramp Generator block generates periodic ramp output of adjustable gain, frequency, and dc offset. The Ramp Generator block has been retired in v2016.3; however, it is more efficient to use the fixed-point Ramp16, Ramp32, and Ramp32-variable freq blocks under Toolbox > Fixed Point.

DSP Sampling Frequency (Hz): Specifies the sampling rate of the control running on the target.

Initial Value: Specifies the initial value of the ramp.

Ramp Frequency (Hz): Specifies the repetition rate of the ramp.