Analog Input for STM32

Target Category: STM32

Target Sub-Category: ADC

Description: The Analog Input block receives analog data from the ADC peripheral on the embedded target. During simulation, Analog Input produces the data supplied by the corresponding Analog In block.

Note that the block output type is scaled integer and holds fractional values between 0 and 1, where 1 corresponds to a full-scale ADC result regardless of the bits in the ADC converter.

ADC Unit: Indicates the unit number.

Result: Indicates the index into the result vector. The input channel is displayed to the right of the dropdown. To change the input channel for a sequencer result, use the STM32 ADC Config block.

Sequencer: Indicates a regular or injected mode sequencer. In injected mode, an ADC conversion can be injected — using an external trigger — during the conversion of regular channels. In motor control applications, this is used to delay conversion until after completion of an event — such as transistor switching — so that conversion noise is reduced. An injected conversion has higher priority than a regular conversion and thus interrupts regular conversions.