ADC10/12 Config for MSP430

The ADC10/12 Config lets you configure MSP430 ADC clock settings. Note that the dialog that appears when you click on the ADC10/12 Config command is dependent on the CPU subtype that you specify in the dialog for the MSP430 Config command. The following are the two possible dialogs that correspond to the ADC10/12 Config command:


ADCxx2CLK SRC: Chooses the source for the ADC10 or ADC12 clock.

ADCxxCLK Divide: Divides the specified ADC10 or ADC12 clock into a slower rate of your choosing.

On chip Vref: Selects the voltage reference.

Reference Output Control (for ADC10 block)

Use On-Chip Reference Buffer:  Lets you use the internal reference source on the Vref output pin.

Sample Duration (for ADC10 clock): Indicates the number of ADC10 clocks that comprise the ADC sampling period. The longer you take to sample, the more accurate your measurement.

Sample Duration (for ADC12 clock)

Duration controlled by ADC12CLK count set below: This is the preferred setting. You set the sample control counts in the Sample Control Counts text boxes. The longer the count, the more you sample.
Duration controlled by Sample Trigger on time:
This is the default setting. If you choose this setting, you will need an external pin.
Sample Control Counts for ADC0-ADC7: Specifies the sample control counts for ADC0 through ADC7.
Sample Control Counts for ADC8-ADC15: Specifies the sample control counts for ADC0 through ADC7.

Sample Trigger: Controls when to start sampling channels. You can synchronize with the start of the control timer interrupt or with Timer A.

Sequencing Mode

Chooses the operational mode of the ADC engine.

Sequence-of-channels: Samples a number of channels, one after another.
Single-channel, single-convert: Samples one channel once.
Repeat-sequence-of-channels: Samples a number of channels, one after another, nonstop.
Samples one channel nonstop.

Sequence Speed: If you are in channel sequence mode, this parameter lets you insert delays in the sequence. This parameter is available only on the ADC12 clock.

Vref Source: Lets you select the reference voltage for the unit. Because the internal voltage reference can be inaccurate, this parameter lets choose a high-precision, external signal.