Monitor Buffer Write

Target Category: C2407, Cortex M3, Delfino, F280x, F281X, Piccolo

Target Sub-Category: Monitor Buffer

Description: The Monitor Buffer Write block is a debug information block for transmitting information from the target to the host.

The Monitor Buffer Write block has two inputs:

      Trig: A data ready pin.

      Signal:  Receive data pin. When the trigger pin is high and the buffer is empty, the values entering the signal pin are written to the monitor buffer until the buffer is full, regardless of the value on the trigger pin. You may use any combination of Embed blocks to form the trigger expression. Non-numeric data is not supported as input to the data pin. You can convert the data by wiring a convert block to the data pin.

Use the Monitor Buffer Read block on the host side to read the data from this block. After the Monitor Buffer Read block reads the monitor buffer, it resets the target buffer to empty state.

Buffer ID: Indicates the numeric ID of this buffer. The Buffer ID will be referenced by the Monitor Buffer Read block.

Buffer Size: Indicates the number of words to be allocated to the monitor buffer.