Automatically Generating Executable Code

Embed generates production-quality C code from any diagram for a variety of target devices including Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Linux AMD64 and Raspberry Pi, and Arduino. The generated code is both compact and highly optimized, both of which are essential for low-cost microcontrollers and processors, and high-speed sampling rates.

The C code can also be generated as a DLLs for Windows, as well as other microcontrollers using general support libraries and special drivers.

Once code has been generated, Embed automatically builds an executable or DLL (if the Windows PC host target is selected), downloads it to the target device, and establishes an interactive communication link allowing you to control the target execution from the Embed application, as well as collect data from the target to the host during its execution.

When Embed generates code for an embedded target, it uses statically allocated data structures so there is no possibility of failure due to lack of memory resources during program execution.