Simulating with a debug diagram

Normally during development, you will have both the source and debug diagrams open in the Embed work space. You then iterate through the debug cycle by making a change to the source diagram, compiling, then switching to the debug diagram and running the test. Based on test results you go back and modify the source diagram, until you are satisfied with the performance of the code on the target.

When you simulate the diagram, the Target Interface block downloads your generated code to the target and communicates with the target via the JTAG HotLink to send values to your target algorithm and receive them back, allowing you to make interactive changes in your algorithm and interactively plot results in Embed.

1.    Open the debug diagram containing the Target Interface block.

2.    Connect your host computer to the target device with a standard USB cable to establish a HotLink connection.

3.    Choose Simulate > Go, or press  in the toolbar.