Debugging real-time analog waveforms using the Arduino serial port

Two diagrams are included with Embed that show how to use the Arduino serial port for debugging real-time analog waveforms. The diagrams are located under Examples > Embedded > Arduino > Application.

      genPlotData-Uno: Sends three channels of packetized waveform data to the serial port

      serialPlot: Reads up to eight channels of packetized waveform data from the serial port. It uses the Serial Read (under Blocks > Real Time) to read and parse the data into a vector, then convert the vector to scalar and plot the data in real time.

To see how to use these diagrams for debugging:

1.    Attach your Arduino to your computer.

1.    Open the genPlotData-Uno diagram.

2.    Select the proper COMM port in the Arduino Config block.

3.    Compile and flash genPlotData-Uno to the Arduino target.

4.    Open the serialPlot diagram.

5.    Right-click the Serial Read block and confirm the COMM port is properly set.

6.    Run the diagram.

You can change the rate or end time of each run using the Simulate > System Properties command.