Op Amp

Target Category: MSP430

Description: The Op Amp block supports the MSP430 OP AMP peripheral, which performs a variety of operational amplifier functions.

Additional information: Texas Instruments MSP56F document.

Feedback Resistor Selects the internal feedback resistor configuration.:

Function: Selects the operating mode.

Inverting Input: Selects the device pin for the inverting input.

Inverting Input Externally Available: Checks if inverting input is available on a pin.

Noninverting Input: Selects the device pin for the noninverting input.

Output: Selects the device pin for the output.

Resistor Connection: Selects the feedback resistor.

Slew Rate: Selects the speed of response. (Low Speed = Low Power).

Unit: Specifies the OP AMP peripheral unit number.