Importing libraries with the Arduino Library Manager

There are hundreds of libraries that you can import from the Arduino website using the Arduino Library Manager. You can also import libraries from other websites; however, these libraries may not conform to proper coding standards and therefore may not be easy to incorporate into your diagrams.

The Embed Common Tasks Tutorial at Altair Community Documentation includes an example that uses the Arduino Library Manager to import an Arduino library in Embed.

To use the Library Manager to install Arduino libraries

1.    Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries and double-click Arduino.exe to start the Arduino IDE.

2.    Click Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries.

In Library Manager Search, enter the full or partial library name. Libraries that match the name are displayed in the lower window.

3.    Select the library and click Install. For some libraries, you will need to select the version before you can install it.

By default, the library is downloaded to C:\Users\user-name\My Documents\Arduino\libraries.

The library can now be set up and used in a diagram.