Target Category: MSP430

Target Sub-Category: DAC

Description: The DAC12 block supports the MSP430 DAC12 peripheral, which performs 12-bit digital to analog conversions. For background information on the DAC12, see the MSP430x4x-SLAU056F.PDF file contained on your installation disk.


Chan: Selects the DAC12 module to be used.

Gain: Selects the output gain with respect to the reference voltage.

Group with next higher channel: Allows you to group together multiple DAC12s with the DAC12GRP bit to synchronize the update of each DAC12 output. Hardware ensures that all DAC12 modules in a group update simultaneously independent of any interrupt or nonmaskable interrupt (NMI) event.

Load Select: Selects the trigger for updating the DAC12 voltage output.

Power Level: Selects the power level. The more power you use, the faster the DAC12 module responds.

Resolution: Selects 8-bit or 12-bit voltage output resolution.