Adjusting C2000 and ARM Cortex M3 target update time

Since the JTAG HotLink has bandwidth limitations, Embed lets you adjust the target update time such that the sensor and actuator data transfer between the plant and controller remains synchronized. In addition to the plant diagram, the host model is enhanced with sliders and other signal producers allowing parameters to be interactively adjusted while the controller is running. And, as previously mentioned, the host model can be modified to capture high-speed data collection from the target using the Monitor Buffer Read and Write blocks.

Since the modeling uncertainty of the target model used in the SIL phase is removed in the PIL phase, the level of confidence in meeting the design requirements is improved compared with the SIL phase.

jtagInterfacePhotoA PIL application using a Texas Instruments F28069M LaunchPad microcontroller connected to Embed via USB is shown on the right.