Monitor Buffer Read

Target Category: C2407, Cortex M3, Delfino, F280x, F281X, Piccolo, STM32

Target Sub-Category: Monitor Buffer

Description: The Monitor Buffer Read block is a debug information block for receiving information from a Monitor Buffer Write block running on the target. The Monitor Buffer Read block only runs on the host.

The Monitor Buffer Read block has two outputs:

      Trig: A data ready pin

      Buffer: A vector of the monitored data received from the target.

When the Trig pin is high, a new vector of monitored values are ready on the Buffer pin. Typically, this block is connected to an enabled plot block with the Trig pin connected to the plot enable pin and the Buffer pin connected to a plot data input pin. In this way, the plot block will appear as an interactive oscilloscope.

Use the Monitor Buffer Write block on the target to write data to this block.

Buffer ID: Indicates the numeric ID of the buffer to read. This number must correspond to an existing Monitor Buffer Write block on the target.

Buffer Size: Indicates the number of words in the monitor buffer on the target. This is read-only.