Controller Area Network Interface

To read and write CAN data, you must install the USB CAN Peak device drivers.

You can connect a PCAN USB-CAN device (purchased separately) to a block diagram using CAN PEAK read and CAN PEAK write blocks. These blocks let you easily log or plot data, or run a virtual plant or controller for offline tuning.

To read or write CAN data

1.    Plug in the USB-CAN device.

2.    Under Blocks > Real Time, wire CAN PEAK Read and/or CAN PEAK Write blocks into a diagram.

3.    Select System > Go, or click the Go toolbar button.

You can transmit and receive data from any number of bus IDs in a single diagram. The CAN PEAK Read and CAN PEAK Write blocks let you read data from and write data to a CAN bus. Baud rate, data types and byte offset within the data packet can be quickly modified through the dialogs for these blocks. Embed supports bus speeds of 1 MHZ, 500 kHz, and 250 kHz.

Embed interfaces with CAN devices that can be connected to any CAN bus. Using Embed, you can exchange data between Embed and a CAN device using the CAN PEAK Read and CAN PEAK Write blocks.