Drilling into a compound block

The process of moving through and displaying the levels of a compound block is referred to as drilling. As you drill into a compound block, the name of the compound block is appended to the diagram name in the title bar to help you keep track of where you are.

You can also use tags, Edit > Find, and the Blocks and Block Diagram Browser to move through block hierarchy.

To drill down

1.    Right-click the compound block, or select the compound block, right-click, and select Drill into Compound from the pop-up menu.

      If the compound block is password-protected, enter the password, then click OK, or press ENTER.  

The compound block remains unlocked until you close the diagram.

      If you have activated custom dialog boxes for a compound block, you must de-activate this parameter to drill into the compound block.

To pop up

      Point to empty screen space and right-click.