Building a DLL

There are two ways to build a DLL:

      Using the Embed DLL wizard

      Using a Project Build facility

Using a Project Build facility:  Most languages have a Project Build facility that facilitates the process of building a DLL. The following procedure guides you through the process of building a project in general terms. Refer to the documentation for the application language you are using for specific instructions.

1.    Invoke the Compiler environment.

2.    Add the following files to the project file:

      All the source files

      All the resource files


3.    Under project options, specify the project type as a Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL).

4.    Under compiler preprocessor options, specify Embed-install-directory\VSDK as the include directory.

5.    Build the project.

You can also import a DLL from PSIM or Twin Activate and insert it in the Imported Blocks menu for simulation or code generation.