Bar meter

Appearance: Opens the Appearance dialog. Click Foreground to color the axis label and scale text; click Background to color the plotting area. The color you specify overrides the color specified with View > Colors.

You can alternatively specify a bitmap image background for the plotting area. Type the file name directly into the Bitmap box or select one using Select Bitmap. The specified bitmap image file overrides any background color selection.

Axis Ticks: Displays grid ticks established by Fixed Divisions.

Horizontal Bar: Displays the bar meter horizontally.

Meter #: Indicates the individual meter whose characteristics are to be examined or edited. Meter 1 corresponds to the signal entering the top input connector, Meter 2 corresponds to the signal entering the second from the top input connector, and so on.

Settings for Meter

Axis Label: Indicates a name for the axis on which the signal is displayed. In a gauge display, the axis label is displayed horizontally across the top of the display; in a bar display, the axis label is displayed vertically along the left side of the display.

Fixed Divisions: Indicates the number of grid ticks.

Upper and Lower Bound: Controls the upper and lower bounds of the meter display. The defaults are 1 and 0, respectively.

Style: Switches between bar and gauge display.

Window Title: Indicates a title for the meter block. The default is Meter.