Debugging hints

The following guidelines will make it easier to debug your DLLs:

      MSVC lets you set a breakpoint in your DLL before running Embed.

      Set VISSIM32.EXE as the calling program by choosing Build > Settings > Debug. This starts Embed automatically when you press f5 (or choose Debug > Go).

      Use conditional breakpoints to get control near the problem area.

      Single step with values in watch window to find problems.

      If your program hangs, press CTRL+ALT+PRTSCRN (or choose Debug > Break) to return control to the debugger. This works best under Windows 95 and Windows NT.

      On Debug > Break or a General Protection Fault, use View > Stack Trace to find the location of the offending instruction.

      Floating point errors, if continued, often result in General Protection Fault that point to source line of floating point error.