Configuring group properties

To configure group properties

1.    Right-click the OPC Read or OPC Write block.

2.    In the Properties dialog, click More to the right of the Group Name box.

3.    In the Group Properties dialog, do the following:

a.    In the Name box, enter a new group name or keep the existing name.

b.    In the Update Data Every box, enter an update rate.

c.     Enter the following parameter values:



Time Bias

Some OPC servers use time bias setting to store time zone information. The information might be used to display server time stamps in a time zone other than UTC or the local time zone. Either keep 0 in this field or enter the difference in hours between the UTC and the local time.

Percent Deadband

Some OPC servers support deadband for updates from analog data sources. The deadband value is a percentage of full-scale deflection and so the high and low limits for the item must be known ahead of time. If your server’s manual does not contain special recommendations regarding the deadband, keep the default value in this field.

Language ID

The default value 1033 corresponds to American English.

Update Notification

Keep the default value.

Data Exchange Mode

Chooses between synchronous and asynchronous. By default, the date exchange mode is synchronous.

Active State

An item must be active to exchange data. OPC servers update values for active items in active groups.

d.    Click OK, or press ENTER.

The OPC Read or OPC Write Properties dialog re-appears with the updated group entries.