CAN PEAK read block

Block Category: Real Time

Description: The CAN PEAK read block receives data from the CAN bus.

Byte Order: Little Endian is the same as the PC, so no data adjustment is done. Big Endian will cause the 8-byte data packet to be byte swapped.

Data Out Pins: Specifies the number of output connectors on the CAN PEAK Read block. Each connector refers to a data item within the 8-byte CAN packet. Note that the packet length can be from 0 – 8 bytes.

Data Pin Output Type

Each data connector corresponds to a data item within the 8-byte data packet of a CAN message. For each connector, you can choose:

Byte Offset into CAN Packet: Selects the byte offset into the 8-byte CAN data packet.

Radix Point: Selects the radix point for Scaled Int data types.

Type: Selects the data type for the connector.

Word Length: Selects word length for Scaled Int data types.

Masking Register: Every bit set in a mask register is a “Don’t care” bit, that means this block will accept any message identifier received that matches bits in the Message ID except those bits set in the Mask. A mask of 0x1FFFFFFF will match all identifiers. A mask of 0 matches only identifiers exactly the same as the Message ID.

Message ID: Specifies the CAN message identifier. This can be from 0 – 0x7FF for 11-bit identifiers, or from 0 – 0x1FFFFFFF for extended 29-bit identifiers.

Receive Extended 29 Bit Frames: The default is 11-bit identifiers. Checking this box will result in the use of 29-bit identifiers.