Circles to XY

Block Category: Operations

Input Image Format

Input Image Requirements: None

Description: The Circles to XY block converts circles to x,y coordinates based on the center of the circle and ignores all conversions that fall within a specified region.

Ignore Rectangular Region: Indicates the region to be ignored. Top left is x1, y1; bottom right is x2,y2.


In this example, a moving hockey punk is plotted in two XY plots. The Resize, In Range, Erode Find Contour, Image Moment, and Draw Circles blocks are used to detect, isolate, and highlight the punk as the player pushes in across the table. The two Circles to XY blocks plot the course of the punk as it moves across the table. Flip Y flips the y coordinate so that the plot and the image mirror each other. (Note that in OpenVision, the y coordinate starts at the top left corner of the image.) The upper plot defines the region of the image to be ignored as 0,0 and 19,70. In the lower plot, the image region to be ignored is larger and defined as 0,0 and 500,300.