Analyzing and Linearizing Systems

Using commands under the Analyze menu, you can generate a linear approximation of a nonlinear system at a specified operating point. The region in which the linear approximation retains its validity depends on the degree of nonlinearity of the system. The greater the degree of nonlinearity, the smaller the region of validity of the linear approximation.

You can linearize the system in both time and frequency domain representations. A state-space representation is used for the time-domain and transfer function is available for the frequency domain.

You can analyze data in the following ways:

      Perform pole-zero and gain analysis

      Perform root locus analysis

      Perform Bode magnitude and phase analysis

      Perform Nyquist stability analysis

The state-space form of the linearized system can also be saved as an M file and then read into Altair Compose, allowing you to perform matrix methods of analysis.