AC Source-3 Phase

Category: Toolbox > eDrives > eMotors (Legacy) > Sources

Description: The AC Source-3 Phase block provides a three-phase signal that can be used as either a current or voltage source for driving asynchronous motors. As outputs, phase a leads phase b, and phase b leads phase c. All phases are separated 120o.

Amplitude: Represents the signal amplitude (arbitrary units).

Frequency: Represents the signal frequency.


Diagram name: 3P AC Source

Location: Examples  > eMotors (Legacy) > AC Induction

Driven by a 155 VRMS, 60 Hz three-phase source (220 V peak amplitude), the three-phase AC induction motor rotor angular velocity without load connected is driven to 371 rad/sec steady state. Field rate is 2*π*60= 377 rad/sec. The slip is calculated by: