Block Category: Signal Consumer

Description: The display block displays the current value of the input signal in the specified number of significant digits. You can select a color for the displayed value, as well as a background color for the block.

The display block automatically expands to display vector and matrix elements in individual cells. To display text strings in their entirety, you may have to increase the value in the Total Digits box.

Use Edit > Clear Plots/Display to replace the value in the display block with zero values. For multi-line vector displays, the display shrinks to a single cell.

Allow Room For Exponential Notation: Expands the display block so there is room for exponential notation. If you wish to have a very small display block, perhaps for use in display mode, you should turn off this parameter.


Background Color: Selects the background color of the display.

Fonts: Selects the font used in the display.

Override Default Color: Allows the selected background color to be displayed.

Override Default Font: Allows the selected font to be displayed.

Fractional Digits: Indicates the number of fractional digits to be displayed. Specify Factional Digits must be activated to select a value in Fractional Digits.

Show Leading Zero For Exponential Notation: Enables leading zero to be displayed.

Specify Fractional Digits: Indicates that digits to the right of the decimal point will be displayed. You specify the number of fractional digits in the Fractional Digits box.

Total Digits: The number of displayed digits varies depending on whether Specify Fractional Digits is activated.

      When Specify Fractional Digits is not activated, Total Digits indicates the total number of digits that can be displayed. When the total number of displayable digits is greater than the Total Digits value, fractional digits are rounded up.

      When Specify Fractional Digits is activated, Total Digits indicates the total number of magnitudinal digits that can be displayed (that is, nonfractional digits). Fractional Digits lets you enter the total number of fractional digits displayed.

The value you enter in Total Digits overrides the High Precision Display setting in the Preferences dialog. The default is 6.

Use Hex Notation: Displays the value as a hexadecimal (base 16) number. This is a convenient notation to recognize bit values, for example, hardware register bits.

Value: Controls the current value in the display. The default is 1.